1. The Old Kingdom of Egypt

2. The reforms of Akhenaten and the New Kingdom of Egypt

3. Sumerians and Akkadians: Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC

4. Laws and legislators in Mesopotamia

5. The Assyrian empire

6. The nation of the Old Testament. Hebrew history from the Bronze Age to the Second Khurban (70 AD)


7. The Greek Bronze Age

8. The formation and system of Greek poleis

9. The birth of democracy from Draco to Cleisthenes

10. The state of Sparta and its economic foundations

11. Greco-Persian Wars

12. Macedonia of Philip II and Alexander the Great

13. The presentation of a Hellenistic monarchy


14. The beginnings of the Roman republic

15. “Roman revolution” from the Gracchi to the death of Caesar

16. The monarchy of Augustus

17. Pannonia

18. Dacia

19. Reform and state organization under Diocletian

20. From Constantine to Theodosius: Christianity becoming a state religion