PALAEPHATUS AND THE ANCIENT MYTH RATIONALIZATION Book premier and conference on 13 Jan 2009

Lecture of Prof. WILLIAM V. HARRIS (Columbia University, New York) 21 October 2009 at Department of Ancient History

Lecture of Prof. HARRY PERLSTADT (professor of sociology, Michigan State University) 1st March 2010

2nd ISTVÁN HAHN LECTURE (2010) 29 March 2010

THOMAS S. BURNS: Identities and pathways to power in late Antiquity - 3 May 2010

VÁRHELYI ZSUZSANNA : Through thick and thin: health and illness in the pagan religion and philosophical communities of imperial Rome - 10 May 2010

CONFERENCE 24 September 2010

CHRISTOPHER A. FARAONE: Text, Image and Medium: The Evolution of Greco-Roman Magical Gemstones - 10 October 2010

STEPHEN HODKINSON: Some recent controversies in the education of Spartan boys - 26 November 2010

GÉZA ALFÖLDY: Greek Inscriptions from the City of Tarraco (Hispania) - 29 November 2010

FRANCISCO MARCO SIMÓN: Unconventional Iconographies: The Ways to the Other World in Romano-Celtic Spain
RICHARD GORDON: Performative authority in magical practice: three case studies
12 April 2011

15th April 2011 Magical Context

Magische Riten im Abbild der lateinischen Literatur - 23 6 2011
Die Sprache der Fluchtafeln aus Germania, Noricum und Raetia - 24 6 2011

István Hahn Lecture - 23 April 2012

New approaches to the temple of Zeus at Olympia An international symposium at Budapest, 8-10 May 2014