The Department of Ancient History (in the Institute of History, Faculty of Arts, Eötvös Loránd University) teaches ancient Oriental history, Greek history, and Roman history to students of the History major [in the old credit system (duration: 8 or 10 semesters), on BA level (duration: 6 semesters), and on MA level (duration: 4 semesters, first starting in September 2009)], and to students of the PhD Programme of Ancient History (duration: 6 semesters). We have 6 full-time lecturers; two of them are doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, whereas two have reached PhD doctoral degrees. Their accomplishment (numerous individual volumes, studies, articles) is well acknowledged both in Hungarian and international scholarly literature. The two assistant lecturers are working on their PhD doctoral degrees. Our lecturers and researchers successfully participate in Hungarian and international conferences, too. The Department also organizes scholarly meetings, book previews, and conferences for doctoral candidates.

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