Conference on Appian

10AM 13 October 2008 at ELTE

Tamás Dezső, Dean of ELTE Faculty of Arts, opening

György Németh: István Hahn and Appian

György W. Hegyi: Roman institutions – Greek terms

Péter Kató: War crimes on Appian’s Mithridateios

Flórián Sipos: Fragments of Appian – the question of authenticity

Péter Forisek: The Hannibal-image of Polybius and Appian

András Patay-Horváth: Appian and Pausanias

Inauguration of the “István Hahn Seminar Room” (ELTE BTK, Múzeum krt. 6–8. Rm 138)

Oration by Csaba Borsodi, head of the Institute of History at ELTE, assistant dean

Lecture of Thomas Köves-Zulauf (Marburg)

on the occasion of gaining

István Hahn Lecturer

the title Chaste Cydippe.

Due to the illness of the Professor, the lecture was read out by György Németh